At Growify, we stand by you as a business getting the most out of your marketing budget on SEO. We start by setting some overall goals and then go deep deive into the data on your web solution. 


Your local seo partner

Let us take full ownership of your search engine optimization and growth with a reliable SEO company based in Aarhus. We start with an initial session, and then move on to strategy, technical optimization, content optimization and promotion. With full reporting and important insights, you have total control over the work being completed. Beyond simple on-page optimization, we can provide technical guidance and even directly help improve some of the more challenging technical aspects of SEO (search engine optimization).

This can include elements such as hosting, HTML mark-up, speed optimization, Rich Snippet implementation, migrations, Ahref long land targeting and more. Having worked with development teams for years, we also know what to look out for with new code implementations, relaunches and website migrations and re-designs.

Keyword Optimization

You can have the most technically perfect, fast loading, beautifully designed website, but without effective promotion your website will not reach its full potential. Effective promotion and distribution will increase brand awareness, real links, direct and organic traffic. We can help you create engaging content that will gain recognition and enable your site to gain buzz and PR coverage to increase awareness of your brand. Good marketing often results in great organic search results.


Achieve results that shows on your budget


Google sees links from other websites to your website as trust in the brand, and increases the quality on Google. Human-created links are the only way Google can research websites. Many different factors indicate quality, but as a rule of thumb, the more quality links you have the better. Websites with many relevant, high-quality links outperform websites with fewer relevant, high-quality links. We build links the Google-friendly way.

Technical SEO

Whether you are launching a new web store, re-designing your current one or simply have a website that has stagnated, you need to consider the technical state of your website on the page. At Growify, we’re highly skilled at undertaking new website developments with ongoing SEO success. Your Website’s architecture is paramount to SEO success. Getting Google to properly read and understand your website is key to ranking.

SEO Analysis

Conducting search engine optimization without an assessment of the current situation of the business leads to ‘strategy’ based on pure speculation. A proper SEO strategy comes with a detailed analysis of where a website currently is, in terms of technical on-page and off-page conditions. At Growify, we specialize in creating actionable, data-driven plans for the work that needs to be done. 

On-page SEO Optimization

Often overlooked, but very important, On-Page SEO is the stuff you have direct control over. Meta tags, headings, load speed, image optimization, information about your physical address, structured data (schema) and internal links are all still highly relevant. Link building may remain the most important ranking factor, but optimizing your On-Page SEO is still incredibly important. 

SEO Training

Looking for SEO guidance?
Or are you stuck with SEO work? 

At Growify, we can give your marketing team a gentle nudge in the right direction when it comes to SEO and optimization. From reviewing some of the more complex SEO challenges to devising integrated search strategies at full scale, we’re fully flexible to provide bespoke solutions to your SEO plan going forward.

Local SEO Optimization

Do you primarily work with clients in the local area? If so, competitors may be stealing qualified local leads that belong to your business. Local SEO focuses on targeting customers close to your business through location-based searches and Google Maps. At Growify, we have the local SEO experience to help you dominate your local market.



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