We simplify ecommerce with state-of-the-art solutions

We are a full service e-commerce agency established in 2022 with offices in Aarhus, Denmark.

Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end solutions to our clients; everything from ecommerce strategy to UX design, channel/platform implementation and system integration to digital marketing services that help build omnichannel brands. By the way, we are official partners of Shopify and Google.

We strive to help businesses in their digital journey and face the future with a strong ecommerce foundation and the necessary resources to achieve the highest possible return.




Co-Founder & e-commerce specialist

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Shayan Andersen

Co-Founder & e-commerce udvikler

Shayan has a degree in Global Business Engineering with a specialization in Information & Communication Technology. He has always had an interest in e-commerce and has since 2018 worked a lot with Shopify, especially frontend development.



At Growify, we strive to provide the best service. We believe in first class work ethic and uphold a few guiding principles that help us be the best partners.

Relationships comes first

We believe in community and mutual growth. When you grow, we grow. 


First class customer experience​

Always, customers first.

Listen, understand and execute. 

Affordable prices - without compromising on quality

Another big part of our mission is to provide quality services and products at affordable prices. Everyone can be part of the commerce of tomorrow!


No challenge is too big or too small

We are a one-stop-shop for all your ecommerce needs. So whatever the deadline or scope of the problem, we are ready to solve your challenges. 

Support that listens

Our customer support is available 24/7, and there’s nothing we value more than the acquaintances we meet on our commerce journey. 




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E-mail | Webshop@growify.dk